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Each contribution brings a survivor closer to a life free of abuse.

Our mission is to empower survivors of domestic abuse and engage the community to break the cycle of violence. Domestic abuse is a pattern of incidents of controlling, threatening, degrading and violent behavior by a partner. It is very common and comes in all forms, such as, emotional, physical, sexual, and financial. If you are experiencing behaviors depicting abuse, please seek help immediately and know that you are not alone.

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This powerful video was written and produced by students from Somerset County High Schools who participated in the August 2017 Teen Leadership Workshop at Safe+Sound Somerset.

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Forced Marriage: A Basic Human Rights Violation

All over the world, including the United States, millions of women and young girls (and men) are coerced, pressured, tricked, and threatened into a marriage against their will.

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Domestic Abuse Doesn’t Take a Holiday

By Lauren Guzzo

The patterns of domestic abuse whether one is in or out of the relationship can make the holidays a lonely, difficult time.

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Ana Diaz, MA – Director of Programs

As National Hispanic Heritage Month approaches it is important to recognize and honor the richness and contributions of the Hispanic culture. It is also necessary to reflect on issues that affect the community and its members

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